Gas Tax at Work

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) administers the Gas Tax Fund
to 443 Ontario municipalities on a per capita basis.

Federal Gas Tax Fund

The federal Gas Tax Fund is a permanent source of funding for municipal infrastructure that contributes to the national objectives of increased productivity and economic growth, cleaner environment, and stronger cities and communities.

Since its launch in 2005, 443 municipalities across Ontario have invested more than $4.9 billion into about 7,400 infrastructure and capacity building projects. Funds can be invested in 16 different infrastructure project categories, or in capacity building. Federal Gas Tax investment in Ontario plays a critical role in improving local quality of life by helping municipalities maintain, rehabilitate and build local infrastructure that meets local needs.

Real results for Ontarians

The federal Gas Tax Fund produces real results for Ontarians, including the rehabilitation of 7,200 km of roads – almost enough to drive across Canada!

Infographic reflecting $4.3 billion invested in 6,700 municipal projects

Check out our infographic to learn more.